Success Story: Acquisition 
OBJECTIVE: had reached saturation point in the USA so needed to increase acquisitions from the rest of the world.
  • Used a robust methodology to identify brands Match would have a synergy with.

  • Once a prospect list was created I successfully sourced and developed relationships and created ideas to work with these third party brands and media owners.

  • Campaigns were successfully implemented with brands including: Selfridges, Avon, LA Fitness, LTA + Ann Summers which greatly increased brand awareness for Match as well as driving traffic and conversions. This was particularly, notable as previously these brands did not have a relationship with Match and online dating at this time was taboo and this method of marketing new. These brands were also perfect for the target audience, mainly females

  • Media partners: MSN and AOL were also secured. They took a rev share so promotion of Match was free and Match received millions of pounds worth of media value. This way of working was a real novelty back then, and dating sites were taboo so it was a hard sell!


  • One such promotion, a tie in with the theatrical release of the film "Bridget Jones 2" with UIP, achieved an 8% acquisition increase in the database in approx 4 weeks!

  • This resulted in millions of new acquisitions without spending a dime!

  • This promotion received excellent publicity in e.g. "The Sun" and "The Evening Standard" which increased the database further.

  • The model was so successful it was repeated with other brands.




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