Erica Harel


Erica Harel

Sarah Boland


Virgin Trains

Even though I thought I’d tried everything, Anna took my marketing and sales to the next level. She discovered integral mistakes in my website’s UX and gave me new methods (which I didn’t know about before) to sell my bags. She’s extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of marketing. I also love her energy - her passion for my product, as well as her patience with me which is truly appreciated! Thank you, Anna!



Anna is the only person I know who can actually create business at a high level from scratch. She's also highly creative and produced an event model that was copied by our competitors! She was integral to the business through her work with creating strategic partners.

Alana Ruben



Anna has been integral in terms of helping me scale my business. She implemented everything very quickly. Not only has she gotten me real results in terms of sales, but Anna is truly a great person to work with, she’s always smiling, has a positive never-give-up attitude and brings a lot of creativity and ideas to my projects. Her input was invaluable and I can’t recommend her enough! 

Benjamin Ron



Anna was extremely helpful in getting our website and marketing off the ground. Easy to understand for us who are new to the field... Anna was personable, very knowledgeable and had great attention to detail. Now we have a great looking website... She was also very mindful of our budget and found ways to help us reduce our costs as much as possible.

Taube Fri



I worked with Anna on many marketing campaigns. She had the unenviable task for ensuring the brand guidelines were adhered to as well as creating an effective and integrated campaign. Despite numerous challenges, Anna always managed to produce great projects on time and to budget that delivered on the objectives. Under her leadership I worked on the ‘Wish List’ Promotion that won a Gold IPM Award. Anna has a clear vision that she communicates well. She is fun to work with and approachable but also highly professional. I would recommend Anna as she is a great asset to any team.

Toby Willsmer


Currys/PC World

I learned so much from Anna in my time working with her. She has an enormous amount of knowledge and experience, which translated into excellent direction, skill building and support. Anna’s expertise in marketing, SEO and B2B, as well as building relationships and negotiations allowed me to grow within the company and discover insights into both the world of business and the world of digital marketing. She is a highly successful and inspirational woman with so much energy, and genuinely opened up new worlds for me both personally and professionally. Anyone would be lucky to have Anna as their manager! 

Anna produced our b2b marketing strategy as well as managing our re-branding project. Not only is Anna extremely capable in business development, she’s fun to work with and has a wealth of very relevant experience. She got to grips with the product and systems here extremely quickly. Even though she’s a fast and efficient worker, she has great attention to detail and knows how to juggle heavy workloads

Ran Blayer



The most willing can do attitude I have ever seen. She's a highly capable woman and the speed of response was second to none - which can be vital in the digital world, She focused on and achieved our business goals and always rose to the challenge. 

Anna has a good balance of working strategically as well as being hands on. She's hard worker, and this, coupled with her passion for what she does, means she works quickly and gets things done. In addition, Anna has an in-depth knowledge of different marketing channels, as well as experience to draw on in business generally. Anna's proven she can put robust processes in place and organize a marketing department to efficiently produce great results. For these reasons, and many more, I would highly recommend Anna.

Guy Dolev



My team recently worked alongside Anna at the 2019 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit in Jerusalem. The three main reasons I enjoyed working with Anna? 1. Her enthusiasm, energy, and willingness to dive into different subject matter, soak it in, and completely embody it for the duration of a project. 2. She really thinks about the strategy behind a campaign, the reasons for doing it at all, and relating to the desired end results throughout the project. 3. She will not quit until she has her desired outcome, and that includes putting in the late hours or extra energy. Thank you Anna!

Liz Cohen




Kevin Cornell


Anna completely  changed the way we market ourselves. She was a breath of fresh air, hard-working and incentive-driven. Productivity and turnover have increased dramatcially. I would absolutely recommend you use her.

Neil Conrich



Anna exceeded all client expectations and was able to bring a lot of experience and sound business insights to the table. From strategy through execution her work was professional and she was very easy to work with, requiring the bare minimum direction. The client was skeptical when she presented her plan but when she over-delivered, and ahead of time, they let me know how pleased they were with the decision. I would happy to hire her again, or even work for her! 

Anna was the CMO at Powtoon, where she hired me for a temporary project. Under her guidance I happily transitioned into a permanent position in content marketing. As a team leader, Anna was very open to hearing ideas from all team members and we successfully executed may unique and creative campaigns, to a wide range of segments! She is also very bubbly and humorous, a very rare and important trait for managing teams! 

Nirel Matsil



George Giles


Agency Four

Anna’s up on all the latest growth hacks and used several channels to drive our acquisition incl. Social and SEO. I learnt so much from her. Anna was also highly organised and had great attention to detail, yet worked extremely quickly. Our client was thrilled with the results and felt they got real bang for the buck. Anna also assisted us in making better use of our applications to improve sales and then trained our marketing team to use tools independently going forward.

Jerome Smith


Mark Friedman

Anna worked very well with the dev team, as she has an excellent technical grounding to provide a good brief. She is also one of the very few people I know who actually prioritizes tasks, which was critical for our R&D dept. Although she wants to achieve a lot to drive sales for the company, she was still patient so a pleasure to deal with. I would happily recommend Anna to anyone who wants a safe pair of hands for their marketing lead.

Eran Dvir



Anna is a great leader. She came in and cleaned up shop, creating streamlined processes for every single task. The strategy she implemented for Routeperfect is invaluable. She put together a fabulous team which I was happy to be a part of. She works everyone hard, but we really enjoyed it - there was a real team spirit. 

Risi Finkler



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